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Last update of the situation on the day of Brasil's independence - september 7th

 Even with all the crazy things going on in the world right now like these wild hurricanes and threat of nuclear war, this image caught the attention of the whole world and illustrates just how much corruption we have in our country! I have written before some updates on Brasil's situation, but it really has been hard for me to keep up with all that's happening since every week we have a new scandal popping up! This picture was taken at the apartment of a politician called Geddel Vieira Lima from the PMDB party, same as president Temer - https://pt.wikipedia.org/wiki/Geddel_Vieira_Lima . As a matter of fact, he was a minister for Temer for 6 months, but also was minister for ex-presidents Lula and Dilma, and is now facing jail time since July this year!
Talking about Lula and Dilma, yesterday Antonio Palocci, who is also facing jail time and is an ex-minister for both and also one of the leaders of PT party, gave his 'delação premiada" (awarded delation) where he confirmed all the corruption scandals involving Lula! The ex-president has already been sentenced to almost 10 years in jail for corruption, but hasn't gone yet because there are still other trials going on: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2017/jul/12/brazil-president-lula-convicted-corruption
Last year, in March, I wrote my perspective on Brasil's situation, you might want to read it here: http://kikoperes.blogspot.com.br/2016/03/my-perspective-from-inside-brasils.html
There I explained a little about the 3 major political parties in Brasil: PT, PMDB and PSDB. Through all the years that PT was in power, so was PMDB with vice-presidents and most of Congress, but since all the scandals began to pop-up and for the first time in our history we had politicians go to jail, than a war between the 2 factions started and now they really hate each other! Temer, who was vice president for Dilma on both presidential terms, is accused of orchestrating a coup. Of course most of the population wanted Dilma out because of both corruption scandals and a terrrible administration, so that was not a difficult task for him at all, but on the other hand, he has never enjoyed any popularity. In the begining of his term, which started about a year ago with Dilma's impeachment, he was trying to put the economy in order and it did get slightly better, but now oil prices are souring high again and the govrnment keeps saying it needs to raise taxes and all that BS! I had written in my first article back than and I will share this link again, whcih claims that Temer is part of the secret shadow government and must be arrested:
Recently president Temer was also caught in a scandal, a recording asking for money. Same thing happened with presidential candidate Aécio Neves, leader of PSDB! A cousin of his was filmed recieving a bag of money and even his sister went to jail! He was supposed to lose his place in the Senate, but the Supreme Court said he could go back to work normally. Important to note here that politicians on duty in Congress or as ministers can't be charged by common courts, only by the Supreme Court, which obviously leads to impunity!
There was also a voting on Congress to see if president Temer would face criminal charges or not, but they decided to let him stay! At the same time other judges of the Supreme Court have been releasing from jail other people who had been arrested on corruption charges! Do you get the picture here? That the whole establishment is compromised? All the masks keep falling and all the branches of power - Executive, Legislative and Judiciary are being exposed for what they really are! More than a million people signed a petition for the supreme judge Gilmar Mendes to be removed: https://www.change.org/p/exigimos-o-impeachment-de-gilmar-mendes
As these scandals continue to pop-up, the general population has lost faith on the whole political spectrum and are being forced to wake up to what really goes on behind the scenes. When the impeachment was unrolling, people were divided between right wing and left wing, but it looks that they are finally realizing that both belong to the same bird! There are still few people attached to ideology or political parties, specially in the left, but it's a minority now and a lot of people who used to defend Lula are now quiet. Lula used to have quite a sinister influence on some people who use to defended him or even Dilma (a fabrication of his) in a passionate way, showing a clear sign of mind control, but his power of manipulation has fallen drastically.
President Temer on the other hand never had any large following or popularity, most people just wanted to see the country back on course, but the slogan "Fora Temer" calling for him to leave is also at an all time high, specially after he signed a deal for parts of the Amazon jungle (including indian reservations) to be explored!
I could go on and on talking about all the scandals which involve all the major parties and even some judges on high places, but after a series of updates, this is it for me! I guess I made my point clear: the whole system is corrupt, there are no saints in this land, not in politics! At least for the first time in our history we see people steping up to the plate, like the Federal Police and the now famous judge Sérgio Moro, along with others, who have been brave and are confronting all these powerful people. The system is fighting back and is only becoming more blatant with it, making more and more people wake up every day. In order for the system to change, there needs to be this exposure!
      Brasil became independent from Portugal on september 7, 1822, but the colony mentality never left us! We always had a country with a big gap between the poor population and the rich, with corrupt politicians who always got away with their crimes, but finally things are changing! All these politicians going to jail is really a game changer, a paradigm shift! I don't know where this will lead us, but with the tools of information we have today and people being active on social media, it's becoming harder and harder for the ones in high places to hide their crimes!
Although I'm a musician and not a journalist, I try to do my job to spread awarness. Above the political spectrum and the judicial, we know that the banks are the one who hold the ultimate power and their the ones we should be after! But since the politicians, as their puppets, stand on the way and most people think that they are the ones calling the shots, we need to expose them first and try to bring them to the so called "justice" for the time being before the great breakthrough that will finally liberate planet Earth from the babylonian debt-slave system! We'll keep working for the greater good till that they comes, but for now I had enough of talking about politicians on my blog, I wish Peace and abundance to all! #victoryofhtelight

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