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Update on Brazil's situation - april 2017

One year ago I wrote on my blog my perspective on the crisis in Brasil since I had read some information on international news that weren’t quite accurate and I wanted to clarify some points (march 2016). You can read it in this link:
Since then much has happened and I will try to sum it up as best as possible:
-          After a long process that lasted more than 7 months, president Dilma Roussef was impeached on august 31, 2016 – after 13 years, PT (workers party) left power and vice-president Michel Temer (from PMDB party) assumed;
-          On September 12, 2016, the Chamber of Deputies voted to release the mandate of former president of the house Eduardo Cunha (PMDB) and since he lost his immunity from the common law court, shortly after, on October 19th he was arrested by Operação Lava-jato (operation car-wash). Recently, on march 31, 2017, he was condemned to 15 years in prison on corruption charges;
-          On September 12 a new president of the Supreme Court was inaugurated, judge Carmem Lucia, and although prominent political figures were present, she promised to combat all the corruption in the political sphere (remember that elected politicians like senators and deputies, also ministers, can only be prosecuted by the Supreme Court - we call it “parliamentary immunity” or “privileged forum”);
-          On January 19th 2017, the private airplane with Supreme Court judge Teori Zavascki  on board fell in the sea killing everybody inside (he was named for the “Lava-jato” case) . Of course it was immediately linked to a conspiracy since this was one week before the investigation of “Car-wash” with the names of prominent political figures was about to be homologated in the Supreme Court, making the prosecution official;
-          The death of the supreme court judge was not enough to stop operation “car-wash” from moving forward, prominent political figures like ex-governor of Rio de Janeiro Sergio Cabral (PMDB) is in prison and many others, and this last week was released a list of big names in Brazilian politics that the Supreme Court has authorized to be investigated and prosecuted, mainly 9 ministers, 29 senators and 42 deputies! . There are politicians from the right wing and from the left, mainly from the 3 main political parties: PT, PMDB and yes, PSDB, which contradicts defenders of PT that were saying that Lava-jato (car-wash) was a conspiracy from PSDB to take PT from power!
It is very clear now that this operation doesn’t have a political stance since all major politicians from all parties are in trouble: . This is excellent since it shows that, while people were divided between right and left and fighting to defend their candidate in the elections and later on during the impeachment process, all the politicians of all parties are corrupt and get together to defend the interest of corporations and not the people! Masks keep falling, and although they are trying hard to save their own skin, it seems that nothing can keep the truth from coming to the surface! We are witnessing a whole new paradigm in the making, since in Brasil we never had powerful people go to jail!
    Although president Temer has managed to keep the economy stable (neither better nor worst than it was, probably because he's the closest to the international banking cartel), his popularity is very low and has been ever since he took office.  He has had major problems with people he appointed for high office and that are under investigations, and there is infighting inside his own political party (PMDB). Congress has tried to pass some very unpopular bills and hasn’t been successful, but still they keep trying. They even tried to pass a law that would take away power from federal judges like juiz Sérgio Moro, who has been brilliant and very brave in this process against powerful forces, but that too hasn’t worked! 
       At least for now brazilians are a little less divided and you don’t see so many people defending Lula and Dilma anymore, especially after the “delação premiada” (awarded delation) of the owners of major construction firm Odebrecht were made public last week. Just so you understand, this delations (to denounce, inform against) are part of an agreement that the person arrested and prosecuted makes to clarify and tell the justice all the corruption schemes so that they can have a lesser condemnation. Marcelo Odebrecht, president of the main company involved in the pertrolão scandal, has been in jail for over a year now and finally decided to speak and tell the justice all he knows and all the schemes, and so has his father Emilio Odebrecht. Although Emilio is retired from the firm, he is still one of the head figures and has been trying to convince his son to open his mouth.  Since it was made public, now there is no doubt that Lula and Dilma were in on all the corruption schemes. Interesting to notice that senator Aécio Neves (PSDB) is also involved in several charges, since he was the candidate that disputed the elections with Dilma and almost won. People were very divided between these 2 candidates and their parties, but like I said on that previous post, both the left and the right wing belong to the same bird!

It is a great thing that masks keep falling and people are finally understanding how the “divide and conquer” and “controlled opposition” works, and realizing that these so called representatives of the people are only in office looking after their own greedy interests and that of the major corporations! The whole system is absurdly corrupt, and instead of looking for a savior or political party that will fix things, we need a whole new system, based on transparency and abundance for all! Personally, I love all that is happening, all the dirt needs to come to the surface so we can clean it, and I’m sure that after all this, our system will never be the same! It is very interesting to read what I wrote 1 year ago and to see how things have evolved. May the Light continue to expose all the dirty secrets and may we evolve to a place of higher consciousness, since there can only be Peace for all when everyone has their basic rights and living conditions met, and when we are no longer slaves to a system that drains all our energies like a vampire, all our income to pay debts to banks. May the good people of this country and of the world win this battle against the dishonest ones, Victory of the Light!

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